To create the ideal video for my needs, you have to follow this checklist: 


Our target audience is Europe, so please do not use any models from : Asia, Africa and so on. I need to use as models only White European models

Thumbnail is just an example, I do not need models like this in Videos and also thumbnails of course


Do not use clip frames where the product is cropped too much that human can not see the full product. It will cause some bed 😡 reactions from customers

Can not see the full product in the frame, because it is cropped

The full product is shown


In most of cases do not Change titles of the video faster than 3.7- 4 seconds, because customer can’t read the text in less time


Always give us the script of the text in google sheet document, we will Translate it and send you back to make the video on our language

the script format must be next: Click here to open link


Always give me the blank video without text additionally after making the English video. So next time I will translate it myself to other languages

The video with text

the video without text

Hope you understand my needs

Thank you !